Our dentist may recommend apexification if the tips of your tooth roots are infected. This endodontic treatment is usually provided when children sustain an injury to their teeth and is designed to help them regain their oral health. To learn more about apexification in Commerce City, Colorado, and set up an appointment with Dr. Lawrence Willis, please call Commerce City Dental Center today at 303-288-6877.

Apexification involves removing unhealthy dental pulp (the inner tissues of the tooth where the nerves and blood vessels are contained) and placing medication into the tooth root. This medication helps hard tissue form at the root tip and provides a barrier for the root canal filling. Apexification treatment will prevent the root canal walls from continuing to develop, so it may cause the treated tooth or teeth to be more susceptible to fractures in the future. Our dentist will not recommend this endodontic procedure unless it is the only option for saving the tooth.

For more information about apexification and to schedule a consultation with our experienced dentist, contact our office today.